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And I'm comfortable with all of this, even the fact that as I go over to his place to tell him, I could change my mind.  I could change everything.  There is no end, right?  Maybe it's not the end of us.  Maybe if I just wait five minutes, I'll be back to loving him and everything will be fine.  No.  I can do it.  I can change.  I can jump.

For the first time, it feels like there's light at the end of the tunnel.  Except it's not a tunnel, it's a cliff. 

And it's pitch black, and there's a black ocean raging underneath, just like how I saw it out the hotel window, but there is a light.  I see the light and that's what I'm jumping for.  And I can make it.  I know I can.  I've never been so sure of anything before.  I'm not tied to any one ending.  Because there is no end.  You can always change.  Everyone is capable of change.  It's only the weak ones who can't.  It's the ones who are scared who don't.  And me.  Me.  I'm not scared any more.