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And he takes me up on it.  That's the weirdest part.  "Okay fine," he says, no hesitation. No nothing. 

So he comes over tonight and I greet him with a bottle of tequila.  Alcohol only makes interviews more fun.  And I have no idea where I came up with THAT rule, seeing as how I've never interviewed anyone ever, but it seems like a safe bet.

I mean, in a way, it's pretty sad that it comes down to this.  That we're sitting across the table from each other and I've got pen and paper, and he's only answering my questions because he's trying to make sure I'm not mad at him anymore.  Yep, that's pretty pathetic.  Still, if that's the only way…then off we go.

Things I have found out about Ethan thus far:

1)   He was born and raised in Portland Oregon by his mom and uncle.  He never knew his dad, and apparently, neither did his mom.  Some one night stand thing.  His uncle is his dad.


2)   His favorite movie of all time is Apocalypse Now.

3)   He hates pop music.

4)   His favorite song is Evenflow and favorite band is Pearl Jam.  Even through their latest album.  Brain of J is just brilliant for the crunching 70s style rock.

5)   His favorite actor is Robert De Niro.  Doesn't have a favorite actress.

6)   His favorite color is deep forest green.

7)   His favorite cartoon character is Aquaman.  He loves the Chris Rock routine where Chris Rock says, "Aquaman's cool.  He can talk to the fishies."

8)   His most painful memory is his grandmother dying.