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Ashley was the one who came up with the choo choo train.  We drew this long and winding track that took up half a block, and drew our little train, with a cartoon bubble that had the words CHOO CHOO coming out of it.  Made our little choo choo train go through a forest of dragons, a lollipop field, and the Silicone Mountains. 


Our Choo Choo Train survived an attack of the No Money Men, but made it up the hill of Your Cute Guy Friends Who Are Dating Other People, and brought it on home.  It was sublimely ridiculous, it was the kind of ridiculous thing where anybody walking down the street (and since it was Saturday, there was more than a few) would think Something's Wrong With Those Girls, and then when they got home would think Wish I Could Be That Crazy.  I could always be that crazy with Ash.  "Yes, the Choo Choo Train," I tell her.  And we smile.

Later at the gate, she's already blitzed, and she takes me aside. "In all seriousness, this thing with Ethan.  Well.  I could tell you that I don't like him.  But that's not it.  I could tell you that any guy who causes you this much pain and misery isn't worth it.  But that's not it.  I could tell you that what you think is love isn't love.  But that's not it.  Because I don't know the answer to any of these questions.  You do." 

"No I don't."