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May 13, 2001

Of course he skulks back.  Of course he does.  And he does it with as few words as possible, of course.  And I let him.  Because I'm a sucker.  Because I'm in love, and I've heard that when you're in love, you're supposed to do shit like compromise.  So I'm dealing with as few words as possible.  And trying to not think I'm a sucker for doing so.

And then, to really mess things up, we end up having a really great day today.  We decide to spend the entire day in bed, and we totally stick to it.  I've wanted to do that with a guy for so long.  It's such a stupid little fantasy that I never bother telling anyone about it.  But seriously.  Let's spend the whole day in bed.  That's hard for a guy.  Their attention span wanders.  They gotta move around, gotta go do something like jog or football.  But Ethan's the one who suggests it.  Let's spend the whole day in bed.


Sure, I say, thinking of course, the whole day will really mean until 2pm or something, and then he'll go play basketball or something. 

But no, he's serious.  He gets out only to cook breakfast, insists on bringing it to me along with the Sunday paper.  And we just sit and eat (and that can't be hygienic) and read.  He sets up a huge stack of movies to watch, all Monty Python.  Holy Grail, Meaning of Life, Life of Brian.  Laugh our asses off in bed.  He holds me the entire time.  Dear God, do you know what that's like?  To watch a movie wrapped up in the arms of the man you love?