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"That was fun," he says.  And I look at him, really look at him, searching his face.  Is he joking?  Is there some hint of sarcasm that I'm supposed to be picking up on that I'm not and that he will hold against me later?  But no, those incredible eyes just smile down in the dark at me as he pulls me in close.  He seems for real.  But is he?  Dare I mention it?  "Are you serious?"  Because I want him to persuade me.  I want him to make me believe him.  But if I say that, Are you serious? Then it sounds like I'm contesting it.  Can I shove it in the drawer for later?  Will I regret not saying it now?  And he starts his rain of a thousand kisses, every one piercing my heart like it's the first time, and I finally give in.  Just believe it.  Just trust it.  Just trust it, without any words.  I'm all about the words!  Doesn't all the many words I'm spewing here prove it?