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Yes, we weathered through our first fight, and yes, it was my actions that caused the first fight, but we're together now.  It's odd, two days ago I hated him for not talking, today we're fine.  I would think we're schizophrenics, but I think this must be how most relationships work.   180 degrees, every day. Every other day.  Every other week, maybe.

Ethan begs off on going to the afterparty, and I don't wanna look like I might potentially be flirting with anyone again, so I tell the guys I'll catch up with them next time.  Brandon smirks at me, I know what he's thinking.  Oh, she's got a boyfriend who's controlling her.  That's not it, that's not it at all.  I'm CHOOSING to go home with my gorgeous hunk o' man.  Nobody's making me do anything.

And we're walking to the parking lot and…he's quiet again.  "Didja like the band?"  "Yeah.  They're fine."  Fine?  You can call a band a lot of things, but fine is not one of them.  You don't call bands Fine, Nice, or Okay.  You either love 'em or you don't.  None of this fine shit.  


Oh, I bet he doesn't like them, and he doesn't wanna hurt my feelings.  Okay. Okay fine.  Nice. 

Everything's fine.  No really.  Everything's fine.