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April 27, 2001

We went to see Blindfold play at the House Of Blues tonight. It's only a matter of time before they really hit big, bigger than big. So big that they will forget I went to every single one of their shows. I was there the day they strapped Beaker to the amplifier, dammit! AJ had set up his guitar rig for the first time in a small room and he forgot to turn down. Everyone in the room had eyes like Beaker after his first chord. 

How many people know the Beaker story, huh? 


I'm their biggest fan!

I'm such a goon at their concerts, I can't help it.  I scream at Stephen and pretend I'm throwing my bra at AJ and Flounder.  It used to be embarrassing when I was the only one doing it.  But now they've built up such a huge fan base that there are several pneumatic girls that really ARE throwing stuff, so I can't help but feel I can't do that anymore, or else I'd look just like everyone else.

Still the music is great, and Aaron still smiles every time he sees me, which must mean he forgives me for the time I told him his rock star wardrobe needed serious help.  I mean, he was wearing a T-shirt and jeans, for Pete's sake!  You cannot be a rock star in T-shirt and jeans.  Or at least, not the ones he was wearing.  Now he wears BLACK T-shirts and jeans, and he looks fine.  He looks hot, actually.

Not that it matters, oh no, oh no.  Because I have my gorgeous hunk o' man beside me and life can't get any better.