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Not now, NOW if he calls at 10:00. Or 11:05, or 12: 32, he will know I'm butt wasted and that I've been drinking all day, and that I've been drinking SPECIFICALLY because of I've been waiting for his apologetic dragging oneself over grainy shards of crumbly glass phone call.  No I can't stay here NOW.

So I call Ashley.  Who completely understands.  "No way in HELL can you stay there.  Give me twenty minutes."  And she and Aussie Bob cruise by to pick me up and we're off to oh gee, another bar.  

So Ashley and Aussie Bob immediately have to know everything that happened last night.  And I do my best to be objective.  I really do.  Because I need to know if I'm right or not, and I need Ashley to tell me that without the knee jerk reaction of Of course you're right, because you're my best friend, and my best friend can never ever be wrong, because I'm not best friends with stupid people.


And I try to explain the events as he might have seen.  I looked like I was flirting with Chris but I wasn't really and I would've told Ethan that if he had asked me instead of shutting me out with the silent bit.  Ashley says, "What a dick."  Aussie Bob comes up with a good point, "A real man would have told you why he was upset, and given you room to explain."  Exactly.

Ashley says to dump him pronto.  Dump him with the burning anger of a thousand dumping suns.  "If he's acting like such a baby when it's a misunderstanding, can you imagine what he'll be like when it really IS your fault?"  And that's when the realization hit me.  I can't dump him.  I love him too much.

Oh how terrible.  How positively awful.  I love somebody and they do this to me.  Or I do this to them.  This is so stupid, it's an argument where one side isn't saying anything.  Can it even be called an argument?  It's half of an argument so does that make it an argu?   I'm having an argu?