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April 21, 2001

So we're at Ashley's Unbirthday Barbecue, and everyone's drunk because it's everybody's unbirthday (She actually wouldn't let Doug come because it IS his birthday.) Ethan's sitting on the couch, but he's smiling and I see so many girls looking at him and I know that he's mine and we love each other and it's great that I know that.   And then all of the sudden I turn my head and Chris is standing there.  Chris.  Dear God how long has it been since I've seen Chris?  Chris was before I started writing in this diary, that's how long it's been. 

Yeah, Chris.  That guy who flirted with me and made me think I'd ever get anywhere with him.  Two years of being strung along and one very bruised heart later, I finally weaned myself away from his charisma.  I haven't seen in him in forever and here he is, flashing that smile, that smile so bright that the lights in some houses in select California counties are flickering.


Chris.  Oh God.  Oh please.  Just shut up and deal.  And truthfully, it's been long enough so that dealing isn't that big a deal.  It's because of Ethan, really.  I'd be locking myself in the bathroom and crying for two hours if I didn't have that damn good looking man on the couch but I do so so what.  Chris grins that half smirk of his as he slides over.  That's right, buddy.  You come to me.  I'm not moving over to you.  No way in hell.  "So hey,"  he says, grinning like that's gonna be the ultimate pick-up line.

We start chatting away, and Chris has actually been doing great.  Getting a lot of guest star spots, some pilots.  Nothing that's aired, but casting directors are starting to notice and blah blah blah.  I have no doubt that I will be seeing him on Must See TV in two years or something.  He's completely the type. Callow, shallow, and to-die-for cheekbones.

And we're just talking, just catching up and I introduce him to Ethan and I even get to say the "my boyfriend" part.  I'm such a nerd, I will never get tired of saying my boyfriend.