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April 12, 2001

Okay, I love him.  Fine.  Glad we established that.  Let's move on.

Well, we CAN'T quite move on.  Not yet.  Not until…we tell him.  Oh God.  How did I, how do I, why is this happening to me.  You know, I've never been in love before.  No, really.  And it's really very strange, because if you've never been in it before, how the hell do you know what it is when it happens?  Uh, you just know.  Like your first orgasm.  These are the things you remember.  Your first kiss, your first date, the first time you have sex, your first orgasm, and the first time you fall in love.  Not like that's the sequence of events or anything, ha ha ha, but those are all important firsts and you know it when they happen.  So I guess this is the same thing.  Certainly is less messy than your first orgasm.  Um, no it isn't.  Less bodily fluids, I mean.


It isn't exactly less messy.  Because um, there's the certain small matter, of oh you know, WE HAVE TO TELL HIM AND HOW DO WE DO THAT WHEN WE DON'T KNOW IF HE FEELS THE SAME WAY? 

Man this SUCKS!  Love sucks!  I think it was that great poet of the 80s, Rick Springfield, who said it best "Love hurts when only one's in love."  

That would be "Don't Talk To Strangers" which in my opinion is the better song than "Jessie's Girl," but I'm positive that I'm the only one who feels that way.