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To take me away from the land of shallow haircuts, to take me away from loserville.  Now we're hiking up a small dune.  He turns around and grabs both my hands and helps me up the rest of the way.  "Sit here.  Right here."  He says, and I do.

I look out, and it's perfect.  It's the sun and it's huge, it's orange, and it's sinking into the ocean.  Just us, and the dune and the sun.  "You should see yourself."  He says and I look at him.  What does he see?  What does he think he sees, whatever he says, it'll stick forever because I'll follow him forever, whatever he says, till the sun goes down forever.  "You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen,"  he says.  I look back at the sun, it's almost out, and I look at him with the last light.  And I realize that I love him.  I'll love him forever.