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And we pull up to the house, and it's completely dark.  Front lights off.  Car not in the driveway. 

"Maybe he moved," Ashley says.  "He didn't move," I say.  My stomach is now a bitter sour pit, aided and abetted by Sam Adams.

He's with someone else.  Of course he is.  You knew he was too good to be true and you have proof, oh yes you do, you know…nothing.  All you know is that he's not home.  Maybe he's with his buddies. Maybe he's with a girl.  


Ash is still keen on karoke.  "You could do a really killer version of Love On The Rocks right now."  But I make her take me home, as I'm feeling quite ill.  And as we walk in the door…the most sweetest sight in the world.  A blinking red light on the answering machine. 

It's him.  "I swung by your place about a half hour ago, and you weren't there.  I was hoping I could see you.  I've missed you."  

And I turn to Ash with the biggest shit eating grin on my face.  "You suck,"  Ashley says.  This was the best idea in the world.