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They're both sitting up leaning with their arms back behind them, and their hands are really close, and all of the sudden, Jake's finger runs across the top of Samantha's hand.  I swear, nobody but me and Samantha knows it happened.

And it's THAT.  It's all over now.  Samantha knows, and I know, that's all it takes.  Samantha's going home with Jake, it's the culmination of something like two years worth of lusting after Jake, and all that other stuff about why is he doing it now, what's taken him so long to figure it out, that's all her problem.


All that matters now is that she knows and I know that's it's going happen.  And all it took was One Touch.

That's all it ever takes.  One look.  One touch.  One whisper.  The small things.  The small things loaded with meaning.  When you feel that One Touch, and you know.

You know that he feels the same and probably something cool is gonna happen.  The split second between when he touches you, the synapses that carry the sensation to the brain, and then it reaches the brain, and you know.  You just know. There are so few things in this life that you know the second they happen.  And the One Touch is one of them.

Samantha looks at Jake.  He smiles at her, she smiles back.  It's all over.  It's actually pretty cool that it's happening right in front of me, that I get to be a spectator in someone else's One Touch moment.