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I could feel the room reacting.  I could feel the vibe of hey, this is someone we should pay attention to.  There was SUCH a long pause.  

I can't see them, you never can, but I know there's some serious discussion going on, and there's never serious discussion going on unless there's something serious happening.

And then the voice.  That awful, impersonal, brisk voice.  "Thank you very much."

What the fuck?  You guys just sat there and whispered for at least five minutes.  Hell, you actually told me "Just hang out a second."  At least two times.  And this is what I get?

And when I'm leaving.  I glance over towards them.  And I see her.  She's my doppleganger.  Same size, same color hair, same style hair.  And she's DRAPED over a balding bespectacled guy.  And then she smiles.  It's the evilest smile I've ever seen.  I almost walk into the door because of it.


Oh, I know what this is.  SHE'S got the role, she's ALWAYS had the role, all sown up, right from the time the balding bespectacled guy put pen to paper.  They must be auditioning people for the role of Lady just to cast the best person in the SUPPORTING role.  And I just KNOW from that evil smile, that I could do better than her. People don't smile like that unless they're hiding something, and she's hiding the fact that she knows and I know that I did the better job but she's got balding bespectacled guy in her hip pocket, so she told him not to cast me so fuck me.  FUCK me.  It's all for nothing.

And I was so good, I didn't crack any kind of anything until I got outside.  I didn't blink, I didn't smile, I didn't smirk, and I especially didn't cry.

Not until I get outside.  I'm not giving that bitch back inside the satisfaction.