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So I turn my head briefly, and I see the briefest glimpse of a couple walking near us, smiles on their faces, his arm around her, looking so happy, so together.  

I do a double take, and realize that the couple…the couple is us.

Can I say that?  The couple is us?  Are we a…couple?  Well, we sure look like a couple, obviously a concept so alien to me that I don't even recognize us in a friggin' mirror.  We're in the lobby, and I'm checking out the very thorough display of car wash tchotkes, and I'm glancing at him in the mirror as he's paying the cashier (my car wash, can you believe it, he's paying for my car wash).  And even the merest glimpse of him still stuns me, still takes my breath away.  Still makes me say Who on earth is that fucking good looking man?  He's with you.  I have to keep reminding myself.  Are we a couple?  He's with me, but does that make us a couple?  

  We've spent so much time together lately, but does that make us a couple?  I think all these crazy thoughts, and I know what that makes us in my head, but if he hasn't said anything, does that make us a couple? He looks at me outside, as we're waiting for the final rub down on my car.  I smile at him.  Oh no, no, don't you worry about me.  I'm just standing here trying to figure out if we're a couple or not, no big deal.  I'm trying to figure out if I can rightfully claim you as mine, oh enigmatic one. 

He pulls me close.  I'm standing, he's sitting, so he's looking up at me as he circles his arms around my waist.  "I told you that car would look better clean."  He says.  "You are too cool."  I say.  You know what we are.  I guess I'll wait patiently until you let me know.  And be content with whatever I glimpse out of the corner of my eye.