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Ashley's the type of gal that insists on singing stuff you wouldn't think would be appropriate karaoke material.  She did a kick ass rendition of Nine Inch Nails "Closer" once that scared all the girls and made all the guys drool.

So we're flipping through the book and Ashley whispers to me, "Ethan is totally hot.  You totally have to make him stick around."  "Okay, then I'm not singing."  "You are too.  You know you are.  You have to.  You lost the bet last week."  What?  Oh for pete's sake.  We were totally bored and Ash bet me that if we flipped to MTV there wouldn't be videos, just more stupid reality show stuff.  I only took the bet because it was something like 3am in the morning, and that's when I thought they played videos on MTV these days.  Nope, it was some stupid Road Rules repeat, and now she's insisting I pay up.  How completely embarrassing.

But after three and a half vodka cranberries, the idea is not that cringeworthy anymore.  Three and a half.  Stop at four.

  Some little short brunette with a huge chest is up there massacring "My Heart Will Go On" I know I can't be as bad as her.  What the hell am I gonna sing?  Nothing standard.  No "Summer Nights", no "Suspicious Minds."

Ethan pulls me close and brushes his lips against my forehead.  "What're you gonna sing?"  "Ooooh, I don't know,"  I hedge,flashing my best smile at him.  I bet we can just melt into the shadows.  I bet no one will ever miss us.

I always wanted someone I could melt into the shadows with.  Well, okay, maybe that specifically wasn't on my to do list.  But now that I've thought of it, I think it's a perfectly lovely thing to aspire to, and I have the best candidate in the world with his lips on my forehead.  Melting into the shadows.

The place is pretty full, there's even a crowd on the dance floor.  They call Ashley's name and she charges right up there, absolutely sharp edged and ready despite five Cosmos.