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He just sorta lets out this small sigh and rubs my back with one hand.  "See, you donít get it.  Guys CANíT do what I did.  It falls under the legal definition of stalking in like 30 states.  The girls can get away with it and it boosts the guyís ego.  When the guy tries to do it, they get arrested."

"But you still did it."  "Yes, I did."  "Willing to get arrested."  "Hoping not to."  "Why?"  And he turns to look at me, propping himself up on one elbow.  His eyes shining in the dark.  "I wanted to see you.  No matter what happened.  Because I think youíre worth the risk."  Thatís all he has to say.  He smiles with his shining eyes in the dark and Iím gone.  Iím gone forever.