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He sits in the other white chair and I blink stupidly at him,  "What's up?" I croak.  I think I said that already.  I am such a dumbass.  "Oh, nothing much" he says, "Just thought I'd stop by and see how you are."  "Well, I'm I'm fine."  "I really wanted to see you again.  I wanted to ask you for your phone number before, but you got in your car so fast."  "I didn't really wanna leave."  I say.  Im smiling right?  I can't feel my face.  I hope this is a smile, and not some half opened mush mouth thing, "This is okay, right?  You don't think I'm stalking you or anything."  "Oh no.  Not at all.  Stalk away.  I mean Im glad to see you too."  I babble.  And he smiles.  Oh God.  I'm gone again.

We end up walking to Caf Luna to get a late lunch.  Sit out in the front to watch the people parade.  He takes the crayons and the paper tablecloth and draws a really cool picture of a peacock with green and magenta feathers.  I watch him concentrate on the drawing, how his eyebrows do that furrowing thing.  He glances up at me every now and then and smiles.

  He even does that whole rubbing thing at the end to make it look polished.  He writes Your Peacock underneath and tells me I have to name it.

And part of me is just spinning madly out of control.  Where is this gonna end up?  Are we going back to his place?  Are we going back to mine?  Is this the beginning?  Will there be more?  Please let there be more.  What is the one witty thing I can say that will ensure there will be more?