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Now my brain is suddenly going in a new and very very bad direction.

Here’s the thing.  If he feels even the slightest bit of what I feel, if he’s royally kicking himself because he was trying to get up the courage to ask me for my number and he didn’t…and if he remembers this stuff like I remember this stuff.  Well.  Well he could find me, couldn’t he?  I mean, I know it sounds like an incredible task, sure, but it’s not impossible.  He’s got the basic co-ordinates.  He knows what my car looks like.  It’s not impossible.  If he really really wanted to, he could.  If he felt like I do, he would. Here I am contemplating running back to his place and ruining every last bit of my self esteem.  Why doesn’t he wanna do that?  Because it wouldn’t look stupid if he did it.  If I did it, it would look, stupid, needy and pathetic.  If the guy does it, it looks cool.  See, guys really need to do courageous and crazy things like this.   It would really do wonders for the world at large, if guys would just want to find the girl.  It’s incredible…it’s not impossible.

  I swear… I swear I need to be locked up.