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And as long as we're talking about food and things that are unfair, why is it all food that's supposed to be bad for you tastes so good?  What kind of world is it we live in where everything that keeps you skinny tastes like hell?  God sure is funny that way.  Making the Mrs. Field's Cookie Sandwiches have something like 3000 calories.  That's not God, that's the Devil.  The Devil in Mrs. Fields, you say? 

Maybe we're looking at this the wrong way.  If God had meant for us all to be skinny, he would make the broccoli taste better.  And since it tastes like seaweed, maybe we're not supposed to eat it.  But that doesn't explain why people keep dying of heart disease because they mainlined a pound of butter every day.

I bet they eat Cookie Sandwiches all day long in heaven. I  bet Ms. Skinny Thighs Waitress is fat in heaven.  Happy, but fat.  And I bet my thighs will look simply divine in heaven.  If I ever get there.