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All the guys do is stand against the wall, or on the edge of the dance floor, and they don’t have to do a thing. 

The women parade in front of them, and the guys pick and choose who they wanna talk to.  It’s like one audition, all night long.  And if girls could really see themselves, they’d stop instantly, because they look like dumbasses.  They all look the same.  Micro mini black dress, black hair, straight as a board.  Whoreish makeup.  Eyes darting everywhere, dying to see if anybody’s checking them out.  And when they see somebody they like, they elbow three of their friends, and they all giggle in the guy’s general direction, and it’s all over.  The guy knows he in.  Do women know how stupid they look?  The guy’s calm cool and collected.  The guys all look like different shades of cool indifference.  The girls all look stupid.

Ashley’s new thing is taking her birth control pill with a tequila chaser at the bar. 

  One guy came up and asked if it was Ecstasy, and offered to buy the rest of her cycle for 50 bucks, and she was hard pressed to turn him down. 

Ashley could care less if any guys talk to her, or if the guys she's interested in don't wanna talk to her.  Who cares.  Their loss.  If they can not see this bodacious firm young specimen of womanly flesh right in front of them, then they're stupid and she doesn't want them in the first place.  I wish I had her fuck all attitude.  How do you go about getting that?  Something you're born with?  A suit of armor developed from one too many bad relationships?  Or just cynicism with a sparkly dose of Fuck All.  That's what I want.  One sparkly dose of Fuck All please.  I ask Ashley how she maintains her sparkly Fuck All attitude and she just cocks an eyebrow oh so cool like.  "Come on,  You're never gonna meet anyone in a bar."